Remember, if you die, you die for ever (now for 23 hours).. also you can use others people dead body as plataforms

(HTML version do not work on MacOS, still can be downloaded here: + windows and linux version)

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AuthorLeandro Dreamer
Tags2D, Experimental, Perma Death, Retro

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i did it! i even have a screenshot to prove it if you want

yo did you have a slight stroke on the 23rd screen


in the place where you aren't supposed ot jump it just sometimes randomly kills me.

that's a bug that happen mostly on firefox, sorry for that :'b



also died like 20 times so yeah


Me: *Dies*

Also me : ight  imma head out


How did you make sure people can't play for 23 hours? Did you access people's clocks?

kinda, the system clock :b


a pile of dead bodies blocked my way before i could get anywhere 10/10

i think that i get hacked :'b, i'll try fix it


For the swarm!


My epitaph now says "Don't jump on the 'sometimes jumping...' screen"

This game was awesome! It felt really ominous when you know there comes a jump that would be impossible if not for the people that died before you.
A shame I died without contributing that much to the cause...


Great gameplay. Cool concept, but i think i have played a similar game somewhere. The retro style graphics looks great :)